FAQ – Bangkok Public Transport

Frequently asked questions related to using Public Transport in Bangkok are listed here. The answer to your question might be already answered here. If it's not, place your question in the comment box below.

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What is the cheapest way to travel from BKK to DMK airport?

If you have a connecting flight, you can travel for free between Bangkok airports as there's a free shuttle bus connecting them. More information: Free Bus between Bangkok Airports.

I want to use direct bus services from the airport to Khaosan Rd, what bus should I take?

It depends on Bangkok airport you are going to use. If it's BKK airport, for the trip to Khaosan Rd. you can use direct bus S1. More info: S1 Bus Bangkok.

For the trip from DMK airport to Khaosan Rd. you can use A4 bus. More info: A4 Bus Bangkok.

What is the most convenient way to reach Pattaya from DMK Airport via Bus?

Take bus A1 or A2 to Mochit Bus Terminal and get a van or bus to Pattaya from there.

For airport buses, we use cash or card? Where to buy card?

Tickets for Airport Buses can be bought on board. Only cash is accepted at the moment.