Best Cherry Blossom Photography Locations in Dalat

Each season, Dalat has its own beauty as you can admire blooming flowers all year round. Cherry blossom, known as Mai Anh Dao, is one of the most famous flowers in Dalat, attracting a large number of tourists in spring. Let’s check, where the best cherry blossom photography locations in Dalat are.

Cherry Blossom in Dalat

In spring, you should easily notice cherry blossoms blooming across the streets, hillsides or along the lake areas of Dalat as the city is filled by the pink color from these flowers.

When Cherry Blossom Bloom?

Dalat cherry blossoms usually bloom in early spring, during late December or from January to February, depending on the annual weather, making the mountain town bright and attractive to visitors. The beauty of this spring flower usually lasts only for about 1 month, so if you want to see cherry blossom in Dalat, you should plan your trip carefully. This is also the period when many other flowers such as purple phoenix flowers and reed grass are blooming.

Currently, there are more than 3,000 cherry blossom trees in Dalat that are grown in different areas of the city. We have listed the most picturesque locations to discover the ecstatic beauty of Dalat during the cherry blossom bloom season.

Cherry Blossom Road - Tran Hung Dao Street

Tran Hung Dao Street is also known as the "Cherry Blossom Road" and "Pink Street" of Dalat. Tran Hung Dao Street is one of the most popular locations for cherry blossom photography because it is close to the city center, just about 1 km away from Xuan Huong Lake. During cherry blossom bloom season this street is always crowded with tourists stopping by to take photos.

The road stretches for more than 500 meters and two rows of cherry blossom trees are planted along both sides of the road. When the cherry blossoms are blooming, the entire street seems to be painted with a vibrant pink color. Not only the rosy pink of cherry blossoms, the old pine trees and ancient villas along the street also help to create a very charming road.

You can come to this area to take cherry blossom pictures and stroll around Lam Vien Square and Yersin Park.

Xuan Huong Lake Area

The area around Xuan Huong Lake is also crowded with tourists coming to welcome the cherry blossom season in Dalat. Xuan Huong Lake is located in the heart of the city so getting there is relatively convenient. You can easily find the cherry blossom tree blooming in various locations around the lake, especially in the area near Thuy Ta Restaurant and Bich Cau Coffee. This space is extremely poetic and even more romantic as the pink of the flowers combined with the blue of the lake surface creates a dream-like picture.

This is the most popular area for cherry blossom photography in Dalat because you can visit and take photos of the blooming cherry blossom trees, as well as take a walk to admire the beautiful Xuan Huong Lake.

Vuon Dom Dom - Firefly Garden

Vuon Dom Dom, also known as Firefly Garden, is a peaceful homestay on Nguyen An Ninh Street in Dalat. Cherry blossoms in the Vuon Dom Dom are also popular for tourists because cherry blossom trees here are more than 15 years old and this place is open for visitors. In front of the homestay, there are not only cherry blossoms, but also a small and beautiful garden of vegetables, jackfruits, persimmons, and stone lotuses. When coming here, you can admire the wonderful beauty of this flower and enjoy a cup of organic coffee.

Vuon Dom Dom

Cr. vuon dom dom-firefly garden

Tuyen Lam Lake Area

Besides Xuan Huong Lake, Tuyen Lam Lake area is also the place that you can visit to have impressive photos with cherry blossoms in Dalat.

If you will be going to the Clay Tunnel, after passing the iron bridge pay attention to the lake you as you will see a large cluster of cherry blossoms there.

Da Quy Slope in Xuan Tho

In addition to the streets in the center of Dalat city, you can go to the suburbs to admire the blooming cherry blossoms. Da Quy Slope is another popular place for tourists to see cherry blossoms. Da Quy Slope is filled with pink flowers stretching along the road when the spring season comes.

To get to Da Quy Slope, you need drive along Hung Vuong Street and reach Trai Mat. After that, you should ask local people or search Google Map for directions to Da Quy Slope.

You can combine cherry blossom photography at this location with a visit to Cau Dat Tea Hill which is located along the way.

Quang Trung - Pho Duc Chinh Street

Pho Duc Chinh Street is a 430 meters long and 14 meters wide street, connecting to Quang Trung Street. This place is located not far from Dalat Railway Station so you can visit the symbol of Dalat before going to the street to admire cherry blossoms.

You will see the cherry blossom trees along this bended street which looks very nice and will bring you unforgettable memories. Few tourists know about this place and mostly locals come here for cherry blossom photography so you don't need to worry about the place being overcrowded.

Other Routes to See Cherry Blossoms in Dalat

In addition to the above-mentioned locations, you can go to other places to admire the cherry blossoms and make unique photos in Dalat. There are still many streets around Dalat where you can see beautiful cherry blossoms such as the space opposite of Saigon-Dalat Hotel, the end of Truong Cong Dinh Street, Le Dai Hanh Street, Dalat Market and the road to Dalat Cable Car.

Cherry blossoms can be found not only in the center of Dalat city but also in the suburbs. However, suburban flowers usually bloom later, usually at the end of the season. Places such as the road along the Nha Trang - Dalat highway, Nam Ho, Klong Klanh area of ​​Lac Duong district are also good spots to stop by for cherry blossom photos.

Dalat Flower Villages & Gardens

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Not only famous for cherry blossoms, Dalat also boasts thousands of other beautiful and rare flowers, giving it the name of the city of thousands of flowers. You can see flowers anywhere like by the hills, cliffs, roads, slopes, streams, and canals.

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Tips for Admiring Cherry Blossom

The best time to take photos is in the early morning from around 6:00 to 9:00 and in the afternoon from 16:00 to 17:00. During these hours you can enjoy the pleasant sunlight and the cherry blossom petals also become more shimmering.

When admiring cherry blossom in Dalat, you need to pay attention to vehicles and ensure personal safety because most of cherry blossoms are blooming along the roads.

You should not break flowers, break branches, or pull branches to take ideal pictures.

Travel Tips in Dalat

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