What's going on around Nana Plaza area in Bangkok

Nana Plaza in Bangkok considers itself to be the world’s largest adult playground even if anyone familiar with Pattaya and its Walking Street will really doubt it. However, Nana Plaza is most probably the largest of Bangkok red light districts in terms of entertainment venue numbers and definitely the place to visit for anyone looking for this kind of entertainment in Bangkok.

Nana Plaza

Around Nana Plaza

Located on Soi Nana (Sukhumvit Soi 4) in Bangkok, Nana Plaza basically is just a U-shaped three story building packed with go-go bars, beer bars and short time hotels. But adult entertainment expands much further than just inside the walls of Nana Plaza.

Plenty of bars can be found just outside Nana Plaza, along Soi Nana. Black Morning Night, Stumble Inn, Big Dogs, Hillary 4, to name a few. You will get lots of female attention here if only it’s the thing you are looking for.

Around Nana Plaza Red Light District in Bangkok

International restaurants can be found in the area too. Hooters is just opposite Nana Plaza.

Around Nana Plaza Red Light District in Bangkok

Expect to see many girls hanging around the streets near Nana Plaza as this Bangkok area is a very popular spot for freelancers.

Around Nana Plaza Red Light District in Bangkok

If you are walking to Nana Plaza from Nana BTS SkyTrain Station or from Asok area, you will definitely start noticing freelancers already on Sukhumvit Road.

Shopping around Nana at Night

The pavement on Sukhumvit Road around Nana Plaza at night becomes an improvised market. Like everywhere in Thailand, if there’s a big flow of people on the street and selling in the area is not prohibited, there will always be vendors selling various street food and other stuff.

Street Food

On Bangkok streets around Nana Plaza you will see various things being sold. The supply of street food in the area normally consists of various sausages, grilled pork, fresh fruits and many other snacks, including fried insects.

Around Nana Plaza Red Light District in Bangkok

Before you try some of them, read a detailed guide: Eating Insects in Thailand.

Other Goods

As Nana district is a popular area in Bangkok and is often visited by tourists, various tourist orientated goods such as clothes, souvenirs, watches and others are sold on the street. Prices are usually not high and can be negotiated.

Elephant pants…

Around Nana Plaza Red Light District in Bangkok

…and beer t-shirts…

Around Nana Plaza Red Light District in Bangkok

…are just a few of touristy top choices to mention.

Specialties around Nana

What makes shopping on the streets in the area around Nana Plaza Red Light District special, is the number of vendors selling various adult entertainment related goods just on the pavement of Sukhumvit Road.

Sex Shops

Just between the tables selling clothes and souvenirs you will find “sex shops” offering you to spice up your intimate life.

Around Nana Plaza Red Light District in Bangkok

Be it a sex toy of any size and shape…

Around Nana Plaza Red Light District in Bangkok

…or sexy lingerie…

Around Nana Plaza Red Light District in Bangkok

…you will find plenty of them just on the street. If you’re too shy to step into sex shop in your own country, this might be a good chance to realize your fantasies. However, the quality might be questionable so be aware.


Nana Plaza like other red light districts in Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand are the focal points of country’s sex tourism. As a significant part of sex tourists are not in their twenties for long time already, they create another kind of demand. Expect to see a big number of “pharmacies” around Nana Plaza as well.

Usually there are plenty of tables selling various men empowering medicines on the streets around Nana Plaza at night.

Around Nana Plaza Red Light District in Bangkok

You can find a wide selection of medicines around Nana Plaza, such as fake Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Tadalafil, Blue Wizard, Developpe Sex, Apcalis, MaxMan, Levitra, various Chinese drugs and others.

Around Nana Plaza Red Light District in Bangkok

However, streets of Bangkok are really not the place you should be buying medicines at. The quality of medicines being sold here is unknown and normally they should be used only with prescription. Too often we hear stories about old foreigners getting a heart attack while in bed with Thai bar girl!

As you already know what’s happening around Nana Plaza Red Light District in Bangkok at night, consider by yourself – it’s a Hell or Paradise!

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