Super Rich Suvarnabhumi Airport Exchange Rates

Super Rich is the name you should know when searching for the best foreign exchange rates at Suvarnabhumi Airport. You are going to use cash on your trip to Thailand quite often, as it's still a preferred payment option for most local businesses. Only local currency (Thai baht) is accepted in Thailand, so use ATM or currency exchange to get some cash. 

As local ATM's charge extra 220 THB for every withdrawal additionally to the charges of your bank, bringing your local currency and exchanging it here is your most budget friendly way of getting some THB cash.

You will see plenty of currency exchange booths once you arrive at Bangkok Airport but all these exchange booths belongs to the banks and the rates there are way much worse than you can get elsewhere. However, you can find currency exchange booths offering fair rates at Suvarnabhumi Airport as well. There is a number currency exchange booths where you can get much better rates than at the bank. 

In our experience, the best rates at Bangkok Airport were often offered by both Super Rich companies. Yes, they have two SuperRich companies in Bangkok - SuperRich Thailand (Green one) and SuperRich (Orange one). Usually the rates in the booths of both Super Rich companies tended to be similar or close to that. However, the green SuperRich currency exchange at Bangkok Airport was permanently closed.

How to find Super Rich at Bangkok Airport

Currency exchange booth of Super Rich company can be found on the underground floor (B Floor) of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, next to the Airport Rail Link Suvarnabhumi Station and can be easily found if you will follow the signs leading to the Airport Rail Link.

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Once you arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport, arrivals are on the second floor. For finding Super Rich currency exchange booth you need to go down by the escalator or lift. Super Rich currency exchange booth as well as the Airport Rail Link station are located on B Level, two floors below the arrival hall. Just follow the signs “Train to City”, everything is clearly marked.

Suvarnabhumi Airport

On the B floor you will see few currency exchange booths. Skip them as the rates offered by the banks managing them are really low.

Currency exchange booths at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Super Rich currency exchange booths offering best rates at Suvarnabhumi Airport, is located on the left of Airport Rail Link (see picture below).

Suvarnabhumi Airport

There is a number of currency exchange booths located there but you will easily notice Super Rich booths.

Super Rich Suvarnabhumi Airport 

Super Rich booth at Suvarnabhumi Airport is the orange one.

SuperRich (Orange) at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Super Rich Thailand booth at Suvarnabhumi Airport is the green one. This branch was recently CLOSED!

SuperRich (Green) at Suvarnabhumi Airport

There are several other money changers in the exchange zone so it might be worth to shop around as exchange rates might vary a bit between them.

Opening Hours of Super Rich Suvarnabhumi Airport

Super Rich at Suvarnabhumi Airport (the orange one) is open daily from 05:30 to 20:30.

Super Rich Thailand at Suvarnabhumi Airport (the green one) is open daily from 6:30 to 22:00.

Commissions of Super Rich Suvarnabhumi Airport

At the airport, just like anywhere else in Bangkok, Super Rich doesn’t charge any commissions or fees. You will get really fair rates here and they will be much better than these at the bank.

Better rates are often offered for larger notes.

Documents Required for Foreign Exchange

Like everywhere in Thailand, you need to present your passport when exchanging currency.

Super Rich Suvarnabhumi Airport Exchange Rates

Let's check, how good exchange rates offered by Super Rich at Bangkok Airport really is.

How good the rates are at Super Rich?

Super Rich booths always offer better rates than banks in Thailand and the difference between the rates is the biggest at Suvarnabhumi Airport as banks here lower their rates significantly.

In central Bangkok, exchange rates offered by banks are more fair and the difference between them and Super Rich isn't that big. However, it's still worth to find one of Super Rich booths and change your currency there. Check where to find currency exchange offices of Super Rich in Bangkok.

As currency exchange rates are dynamic and can change at any minute, the best way to know how good the rates are is comparing them with published foreign exchange middle-market rates.

Current Thai Baht Exchange Rates

Current middle-market exchange rates (approximate) for the exchange of US dollars, Euro and other currencies rates to Thai baht:

Super Rich Rates EUR/THB

Normally for EUR Super Rich at Suvarnabhumi Airport is offer exchange rate that is lower than current mid-market rate by about 0.10-0.25 THB per 1 Euro. For banknotes of 500-100 EUR denomination you can expect to get a rate which is lower than market rate only by 0.10-0.15 THB per 1 Euro, for 50 EUR banknote - lower by 0.15-0.20 THB per 1 Euro, for smallest notes (20-5 EUR) - lower by 0.20-0.25 THB per 1 Euro.

If compared to the banks at Bangkok Airport, normally you will save about 2.2-2.5 THB for every Euro exchanged. It means that if you will choose to exchange 1000 EUR at Super Rich instead of the bank at Suvarnabhumi Airport, you will save about 2200-2500 THB or about 55-65 EUR.

Super Rich Rates USD/THB

USD exchange rates offered by Super Rich at Suvarnabhumi Airport are lower than current market rates only by about 0.07-0.70 THB per 1 USD. For 50 and 100 USD banknotes you can expect to get the rate lower than market rate only by 0.07-0.15 THB per 1 USD, for 10-20 USD banknotes - lower by 0.20-0.25 THB per 1 USD, for 5 USD banknotes - lower by 0.30-0.35 THB per 1 USD, for smallest notes (1 or 2 USD) - lower by 0.65-0.70 THB per 1 USD.

If compared to the banks at Bangkok Airport, normally you will save about 1.2-1.5 THB for every USD exchanged. It means that if you will choose to exchange 1000 USD at Super Rich and not the bank at Suvarnabhumi Airport, you will save about 1200-1500 THB or about 37-47 USD.

Super Rich Thailand Current Rates 

You can see current Super Rich exchange rates for the main currencies on their website: Super Rich exchange rates.

Super Rich in Bangkok

There are also exchange booths of both Super Rich companies in central Bangkok and the rates offered there are close to or identical to the ones offered at Suvarnabhumi Airport. For locations of other Super Rich currency exchange booths in Bangkok and current rates offered by them check our detailed guide to SuperRich in Bangkok.

You should remember that the rates are dynamic and can change at any minute.


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There is no need to exchange money at the airport for getting a local SIM card as you can book online 4G SIM Card (it will be much cheaper!) and pick it up right at the airport.

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