Bangkok Visa on Arrival - Thai Visa at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)

Bangkok Visa on Arrival can be issued at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) which is the main travel hub of Thailand. There’s a big chance that you will enter the country and start your Thailand trip at the main airport of Bangkok. In such a case, you can apply for Visa on Arrival here as Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of Immigration Checkpoints providing facilities for issuance of Thai Visa on Arrival.

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport

Other international airports, harbours and land border crossings issuing Thai Visa on Arrival are listed here – Immigration Checkpoints issuing Visa on Arrival.

If your nationality lets you enter Thailand on Free visa-exempt stay or you’ve got a Single Entry Tourist Visa / Multiple Entry Tourist Visa in advance from Thai embassy or consulate, just proceed to the immigration, present your travel documents to the officer, get your passport stamped and you will be allowed to enter the country. Thailand Immigration control procedure at the airport is briefly described here: Thailand Immigration Control Procedure for Foreigners.

However, if you’re a citizen of one of the countries eligible to obtain Thai Visa on Arrival such as China or India and decided to use this type of Thailand Visa, you need to proceed to Bangkok Visa on Arrival section first.

As the queues at Bangkok Visa on Arrival section might be long, preparing all your documents in advance would be a really good idea as it will help you to save some time.

Documents required for Bangkok Visa on Arrival

When applying for Thai Visa on Arrival at Bangkok Airport you will need:

Documents required for Bangkok Visa on Arrival

Requirements for passport

Passport must be valid for at least 30 days and issued by one of the countries eligible to obtain Thailand Visa on Arrival.

Return ticket

When applying for Thai Visa on Arrival, return or onward journey air ticket for flying out of Thailand within the next 15 days must be presented. 

Other proofs of your intention to leave Thailand in 15 days, such as your trip plan and international bus or train ticket, can be accepted too.

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You need to attach one passport size (4 x 6 cm) photo to your Visa on Arrival application form. The photo shouldn’t be older than 6 months but if you still look like the person in the photo, everything will be fine.

Address in Thailand

You need to have a hotel or apartment address in Thailand that can be verified. Recently they started to ask for the proof of accommodation as well, so a printed hotel booking voucher or booking confirmation on your smartphone might be needed when applying for Thai Visa on Arrival in Bangkok.

If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, just book any hotel on or Agoda.

Thai Visa on Arrival application form

Thai Visa on Arrival application form should be duly filled-in. You can get the application form at Bangkok Visa on Arrival document check desk, download and fill the PDF form in advance or choose to fill Visa on Arrival application form online and just bring one printed copy with you. Completing Thailand Visa on Arrival application form online is easy and will save your time at the airport.

You can apply for Thai Visa on Arrival online on the official website of Immigration Bureau Thailand. Check How to Complete Thailand Visa on Arrival Application Form Online.

UPDATE! According to the latest report from one of our readers, this online form wasn't accepted at Suvarnabhumi Airport so printing and filling PDF form might be a better idea.

Immigration Bureau Thailand Website

Thailand Arrival Card

During your flight, the crew will give you Thailand Arrival Card which needs to be duly filled. Fill the card while on the plane and at the airport everything will be a bit faster. Learn how to do it here: Thailand Arrival Card – How to Fill Arrival Card Form.

Thailand Arrival Card

Thai Visa on Arrival Fees

Thai Visa on Arrival fee is 2,000 THB. The fee must be paid in cash and Thai currency only. You can exchange your cash at one of currency exchange booths in the hall before Visa on Arrival counters.

Currency Exchange Booth

Change here only the amount needed for paying the fee (about 60 EUR or 70 USD per person) as you can get much better currency exchange rates at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

A proof of appropriate means of living

A proof that you have funds of at least 10,000 THB per person and 20,000 THB per family during your stay in Thailand might be needed. Showing enough cash in any currency should be enough. However, at Suvarnabhumi Airport they hardly ask for it but it’s better to be prepared as this is an official requirement and they have the right to demand it at any time.

How to find Bangkok Visa on Arrival counters at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Once you arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, follow the signs leading to Immigration.

Signs leading to Immigration

On the way to Immigration new signs of “VISA on Arrival” and the distance on them will show up. They are big and clear so you will definitely not miss them.

Signs of “VISA on Arrival”

You will pass currency exchange booth of Siam Commercial Bank on your way. If you don’t have enough Thai baht for paying Thai Visa on Arrival fees, you can exchange your currency at this booth or at one of the booths located just near the entrance to Bangkok Visa on Arrival section.

Currency Exchange Booth

How to apply for Thai Visa on Arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport

There’s a Visa on Arrival document check desk near the entrance. Here you can get Thai Visa on Arrival application form which needs to be duly filled. If you’ve filled your application form online and have a printed copy of it, just show your documents to the person at the desk.

Visa on Arrival document check desk

Don’t worry if there will be no one at the desk, in such a case just proceed to Visa on Arrival counters.

The system of Visa on Arrival counters at Bangkok Airport was recently changed. There are still two different lanes at the main Bangkok Visa on Arrival area but now the names and purpose of them is a bit changed as one for lanes is dedicated to "group travelers", another one - for "individual travelers". The lane dedicated to individual travelers is normally much more crowded.

If you are willing to pay 400 THB extra, the lane of group travelers at Bangkok Airport can also be used as a "fast track" for individual travelers.

The situation at the counters dedicated to individual travelers is not constant as the length of the queue here depends on the number of open counters, the time of your arrival and the number of flights arriving from other countries eligible for Visa on Arrival, such as China and India. It can take from 5 minutes up to 1.5 hour. You can see expected waiting time boards on the line that might help you to decide if it’s worth waiting or it’s better to move to another queue and pay 400 THB extra.

Visa on Arrival waiting time

When your turn will come, proceed to the counter, present your passport and other listed documents to the officer. You will get a small laminated paper with a number on it.

Visa on Arrival number

Go to the waiting area, which is just after the counters. Sit there and wait until the officer brings passports and starts announcing numbers. When your number will be announced, just go to the officer, give the laminated paper back and take your passport - your Thai Visa on Arrival is already in it!

Proceed to the immigration, present your travel documents to the officer, get your passport stamped and you will be allowed to enter the country.

New E-Visa Thailand

There is also a new e-Visa Thailand online application system for Thailand Visa on Arrival being implemented at the moment. This way of application is also available at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. More info about the new online application system can be found here: E-Visa Thailand (E-VoA).

Detailed information about how to how to apply for e-Visa Thailand and how to fill in e-Visa application form correctly can be found here: Thailand eVisa Application: How to Apply for Thai eVisa.

This e-Visa Thailand system seems to have failed to live up expectations and the new Thailand eVisa on Arrival system was launched but it hardly improved the situation. More info: New Thailand eVisa on Arrival (eVOA) by VFS Global.


Detailed information about other facilities at the airport can be found here: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK)

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