Siam Mandarina Hotel Suvarnabhumi Airport ASQ

Siam Mandarina Hotel Suvarnabhumi Airport is located closest to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Siam Mandarina Hotel in partnership with Chularat 9 Airport Hospital is offering an Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) package to all people who enter Thailand.

Siam Mandarina Hotel Suvarnabhumi Airport 

ASQ Package Price

14-day Quarantine Package

Deluxe room - Non Smoking (32 sq.m) 45,000 THB per person

Deluxe room - Smoking (32 sq.m) 50,000 THB per person

Executive Suite 65,000 THB per person

2 Bedroom Family Suite 75,000 THB per person



10-day Quarantine Package

Deluxe room - Non Smoking (32 sq.m) 33,000 THB per person

Deluxe room - Smoking (32 sq.m) 37,000 THB per person

Executive Suite 47,000 THB per person

2 Bedroom Family Suite 55,000 THB per person



7-day Quarantine Package

Deluxe room - Non Smoking (32 sq.m) 26,000 THB per person

Deluxe room - Smoking (32 sq.m) 29,000 THB per person

Executive Suite 37,000 THB per person

2 Bedroom Family Suite 45,000 THB per person



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ASQ Package Features

Airport transfer from Suvarnabhumi Airport within 20 mins

Private restroom with bath tub

Internet sim card from TrueMove H

Free internet WiFi

32” LCD TV with a wide variety of both local and international programs

Daily 3 meals from a selected menu

20% Discount on food & beverage service

Tests using RT-PCR technique

24-hour on-call doctors and nurses

24-hour Tele conference consultation with doctors

You can enjoy hotel facilities during your stay

Booking ASQ Package

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Hotel Reviews

Siam Mandarina Hotel reviews on

ASQ Package Reviews

What people say about their quarantine with Siam Mandarina Hotel ASQ package?


“Very large comfortable double bed”

“Table and chairs for sitting at to eat and work”

“Small fridge and a kettle but no microwave”

“Rooms facing out front are a little noisy as face the main road”

“Room was clean, ready for early arrival”

“Bed is soft comfortable”

“Be aware if you’re little sleeper since there is a busy road”

“Window was locked shut”

“Hotel room is quite nice and clean, everything works well”

“No microwave, small fridge”

“Room was a good size but I was overlooking the highway which might bother some people”

“Bed very comfortable”

“The room is big enough”

“There is separate reading table with soft armchair and separate working table”

“Bathroom was okay, but little bit out of date”

“Bed was very comfortable”

“Beds are comfortable”

“It took 4 days for our broken TV to get fixed”

“Windows locked”

“My first room was a room without a view, instead facing a multitude of other rooms (no privacy) and a small courtyard. The room was DARK, especially in the mornings. There was considerable road noise as well”

“So onto room 2 which had quite a nice view, lots of daylight, but was very close to an insanely busy road. Its 24/7. Even wax earplugs and earphones didn’t block out the sound”

“The room I’m now in faces the airport and is quiet (hardly any flights) and has daylight”

“Mind you, windows don’t open and there is no balcony”

“Overall the room itself is nice enough. It’s an old hotel that underwent a partial renovation”

“TV works well with a handful of English channels, mostly news”

“The air-conditioning in all three rooms had one setting: freezing cold”

“No microwave”

“The bed is comfortable and quite soft compared to the Asian standard”

“The room was great”

“The room is nice”

„Comfortable room"


“Food and drink overall very good”

“3 options (meat and vegetarian menus) at each mealtime”

“Instant coffee/tea in room, fresh coffee is an extra from café”

“Meals are not always hot”

“All meals served with either fresh fruit or salad”

“Mixture of Thai, western and other Asian dishes”

“There is an extensive menu for ordering additional food”

“Hotel can arrange to buy dry goods from 7-11 for 10% commission”

“Good choice of food and the menu is send every evening via Line to make the order for the next day”

“The room service “extra” have more taste, bigger portion”

“The food portions are quite small”

“Food is good, but a bit cold when they bring it and portions are quite small”

“Food was.... okay”

“Siam Mandarina provides a full, alternative vegetarian menu - 3 choices for each meal time”

“Food was mainly very tasty, but sometimes a bit cold”

“Portions were quite small”

“Food selection is varied”

“Food is decent, generally edible”

“Portion sizes are adequate for me, although I don’t eat much at the moment”

“I’ve yet to have a warm meal, if I’m lucky it’s lukewarm, most often it’s coldish”

“Sometimes it’s forgotten. On day 1 they forgot to give me breakfast and lunch”

“We could choose from 6 meal options for each meal”

“My kids struggled with the food and I really wish there was a kids menu”

“The food is probably the biggest issue here”

“It is below average especially for the inflated price paid”

“The food is generally cold when delivered and not great taste or variety wise”

“The options are limited on the included set menu items”

“Room service is costly for small portions”

„Reasonable food“


“Staff excellent, polite, friendly, helpful and understanding”

“Receptionist was helpful”

“The staff was extremely polite, friendly and helpful”

“Everyone very polite”

“The hospital/nurse service is friendly and efficient”

“The staff were really friendly and helpful here”

“Staff are helpful and polite”

„Helpful staff"

Getting outside the room

“After passing your first test (done on Day 4, results on Day 5) you are allowed to book a visit to the garden”

“The gym only at second test 3 days before departure”

“You are not allowed to use the pool at all”

“Outside areas are okay, not so big and the gym is well-equipped”

“Outside areas are limited but there doesn’t seem to be a time limit, you can leave your room as you please”

“After Covid test on Day 3 came back negative on Day 4, we were allowed to visit the garden area or pool terrace”

“The pool area was really boring and hot”

“The garden area was better with a breeze and a view of planes taking off and landing”

“The outings to the pool deck and 3rd floor garden are great”


“Wifi connection has generally been excellent, no issues streaming Netflix of Youtube”

“The internet it’s okay without problem to stream YouTube, Netflix, etc.”

“Internet is fast enough for streaming movies and live TV over VPN”

“Wifi was good, able to work on my computer and watch Netflix with only an occasional interruption”

“Internet works well in my room and they just inform that they are upgrading the routers to get more capacity”

“Internet not always the greatest”

“Internet has become a problem. It’s better now in my current room but in the other two rooms I couldn’t rely on it at all”

“The internet has had some issues but I will say they work very hard to fix it”


“You can pay more for smoking room”


“Hotel allows relatives to drop off dry goods”

“You can have parcels sent to you. Will be delivered to your room”

“I think they do 7-11 deliveries as well”


“Overall rating: Excellent. No complaints whatsoever”

“Very good value for the money”

“Overall I think for 42k it was a decent ASQ”

 “I can recommend this hotel especially if you continue by flight from Suvarnabumi after quarantine”

“I have a feeling that the newer ASQ’s offer better value”

"So far so good"

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COVID-19 Insurance

Foreigners traveling to Thailand must provide health insurance covering COVID-19 treatment with the policy clearly stating that the insurance is for 100,000 USD or more and COVID-19 is covered. The easiest way to meet this requirement is choosing Thai insurance company AXA that is offering a special insurance policy for this case. Getting COVID-19 insurance policy is a straightforward process as you can buy insurance online and the insurance policy with COVID-19 certificate will be sent to you instantly.

Find detailed insurance information and get a quote by clicking the button below.

Important thing to note: the statement on AXA’s website says that if you will be tested positive for COVID-19 during quarantine (a big concern for most of travelers) and won’t have any symptoms, AXA will cover medical expenses incurred based on medical necessity regardless of the showing of symptoms.


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