Thailand SHA Extra Plus & Alternative Quarantine (AQ) Hotels

The main things you need to know about Thailand SHA Extra Plus & AQ hotels that need to be booked for entering Thailand.

SHA Plus (SHA+) Certificate is a project by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to control the Thai tourism industry for safety standards to match the new normal way and show tourists that hotels and other services are taking measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus with at least 70% of hotel or business staffs fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
SHA Extra Plus (SHA++) hotels are those that not only meet the Amazing Thailand SHA Plus standard but also provide an accommodation service in partnership with certified hospitals for the RT-PCR test.
Alternative Quarantine (AQ) is the process of quarantine at government-approved hotels in Thailand at traveler’s own expense. Every hotel is partnering a selected hospital to provide this service. This type of quarantine facilities must be used for unvaccinated travelers to Thailand at their own expense. Most of AQ hotels are located in Bangkok but there are also operating AQ hotels in Pattaya and Phuket.

SHA Extra Plus hotel can be used by vaccinated travelers for entering Thailand under Test & Go scheme with a stay for 1 night and under Blue Zone Sandbox scheme. Blue Zone Sandbox scheme requires to stay at SHA Extra Plus hotels for 5 nights.
Alternative Quarantine (AQ) hotels can be used by unvaccinated travelers who must quarantine on arrival for 5 nights.

Test & Go package by SHA Extra Plus or AQ hotels should include a 1-night accommodation, the required RT-PCR COVID-19 test, and an Antigen Test Kit (ATK). Inclusion of meals and other benefits depends on the hotel offer. 
Blue Zone Sandbox package by SHA Extra Plus hotels should include accommodation for 5 nights, the required RT-PCR COVID-19 test. Inclusion of meals and other benefits depends on the hotel offer. 
AQ package includes not only accommodation for the set period of time but also complimentary 3 meals a day (full board), free WiFi, one-way transfer from the airport to the hotel, 24/7 on-site nurse to take your temperature and check health 2 times a day, and COVID-19 tests that are conducted on-site on different days of quarantine. All these features are included in every package as it's a requirement. Different hotels might include various extra features into their AQ packages such as a complimentary welcome minibar, yoga mat, extra meal (e.g. afternoon tea), free consultation with doctors, etc.

Even if packages include on-site nurse and COVID-19 tests, other medical services are not included in the package, meaning that in case of a positive COVID-19 test result you will be responsible for all hospitalization costs (everyone who tested positive is transferred to the hospital or other facility). That's one of the reasons why health insurance covering COVID-19 treatment for at least 20,000 USD is mandatory when traveling to Thailand.

While most of insurance policies will cover your COVID-19 treatment if you will get sick with symptoms, your stay at the hospital in Thailand might be not covered if your case will be asymptomatic as there's no "medical necessity" for you to be hospitalized. Make sure to get an insurance policy that would cover asymptomatic cases. AXA's Sawasdee Thailand is one of the best options that cover medical expenses regardless of the showing of symptoms.

Important Update! 

Fully vaccinated travelers need to stay for 1 night at SHA++ or AQ hotels.

1-night packages: Test & Go 1 Day Packages

Unvaccinated travelers need to undergo a 5-day quarantine at AQ hotels.

5-day packages: 5-day Quarantine Packages

SHA Extra Plus & AQ hotels

There are more than one hundred approved AQ hotels and more than one thousand SHA Extra Plus hotels and the lists are constantly expanding with new hotels being added. To make reservation of the package, you contact hotels directly. It can be easily done with the help of our website as you can send direct inquiries to the hotels by filling a convenient inquiry form on the hotel's page.

To make the booking process faster you can use online travel agent's website by filtering quarantine packages with this link: Book Packages Online.

You can read AQ hotel reviews for getting a better idea about the quarantine experience in each hotel.

If you don't want to waste your time exploring all the features and reviews of all SHA Extra Plus & AQ hotels that are currently providing quarantine service in Thailand, use the smart search and choose from the selected Recommended hotels.

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Lists of SHA Extra Plus & AQ hotels

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Special packages of AQ hotels and SHA++ hotels can now be booked online via Agoda. However, to see the offers and to book right packages on Agoda you must use special URL / links that separate these packages from ordinary room offers that do not include transportation and testing.

Quarantine hotels on Agoda can be accessed via these links:

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