Anantara Riverside Bangkok ASQ

Located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River amidst 11 acres of greenery, Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort offers urban serenity twinned with authentic discoveries. Overlooking the Chao Phraya River, this ASQ hotel boasts a large outdoor pool with spa jets and spacious Thai-style rooms.

Anantara Riverside Bangkok

Test & Go Package

1-night Test & Go Packagefrom 10,100 THB per person

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ASQ Package Price

7-day Quarantine Package

Deluxe Room (38 sq.m) 40,000 THB per person

Deluxe River View Room (38 sq.m) 42,000 THB per person

Deluxe River Front Room (38 sq.m) 44,000 THB per person

Junior Suite Room (46 sq.m) 52,000 THB per person

Junior River View Suite (46 sq.m) 58,000 THB per person

Anantara River Front Suite (108 sq.m) 129,000 THB per 2 persons

Two Bedroom River View Chao Phraya Suite (114 sq.m) 233,000 THB per 4 persons

Three Bedroom Family Suite (220 sq.m) 241,000 THB per 3 persons



10-day Quarantine Package

Deluxe Room (38 sq.m) 57,000 THB per person

Deluxe River View Room (38 sq.m) 61,000 THB per person

Deluxe River Front Room (38 sq.m) 65,000 THB per person

Junior Suite Room (46 sq.m) 74,000 THB per person

Junior River View Suite (46 sq.m) 82,000 THB per person

Anantara River Front Suite (108 sq.m) 175,000 THB per 2 persons

Two Bedroom River View Chao Phraya Suite (114 sq.m) 312,000 THB per 4 persons

Three Bedroom Family Suite (220 sq.m) 330,000 THB per 3 persons



14-day Quarantine Package

Deluxe Room (38 sq.m) 78,000 THB per person

Deluxe River View Room (38 sq.m) 82,500 THB per person

Deluxe River Front Room (38 sq.m) 87,000 THB per person

Junior Suite Room (46 sq.m) 97,500 THB per person

Junior River View Suite (46 sq.m) 108,000 THB per person

Anantara River Front Suite (108 sq.m) 231,000 THB per 2 persons

Two Bedroom River View Chao Phraya Suite (114 sq.m) 417,000 THB per 4 persons

Three Bedroom Family Suite (220 sq.m) 429,000 THB per 3 persons



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ASQ Package Features

Single occupancy in your preferred room type

Full board meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner

Complimentary WiFi and more than 40 TV channels

Designed area for COVID-19 screening tests

Pick up transfer service from BKK Airport or DMK Airport to the hotel

COVID-19 screening tests conducted on property

24-hour nurse on duty for twice daily temperature checks and for another health - related needs whilst under quarantine

Obtaining official COVID-19-free certificate on departure day

Booking ASQ Package

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Hotel Reviews

Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort reviews on

ASQ Package Reviews

What people say about their quarantine with Anantara Riverside Bangkok ASQ package?


“The rooms are very nice with large balconies”

“Great comfortable and spacious room with good air-con”

“Super comfortable bed”

“The room has a balcony which provides some relief from cabin fever”

“Comfortable bed/pillows”

“Room cleaning every three days”

“No microwave, this is available to rent if needed”

“You can access the balcony right away”

“Corner room has a big balcony on the side as well”

“The price of the laundry: 3500 baht for a load of 30 pieces”

“The balcony is large enough for a workout“

“There is laundry service available however it is around £36 for 10 pieces”

“Good TV“

“Balcony access overlooking the Chao Phraya River“

“I have nice room with a balcony and a great view overlooking the Chao Phraya River“

“Housekeeping is less than it would normally be“

“Rooms big enough and comfortable and the most important: the balcony“

“Great view of the Chao Phraya River“

“Sliding door to my balcony is left open all day“

“High Thread count bed sheets“ 

“Riverview Room with balcony access“ 

“Never cleaned the room when requested, why every 4 days”

“I wanted to get a washing done - the menu stated 10 items 1500 thb, 30 items 3500 thb. Unfortunately I only had 17 items so asked them for a rate. Was told cannot do! I could get 10 done at special price and pay normal price for 17 or wait until I had 30”

„The view/balcony are a plus"

„Balcony and fresh air on day 1 is a massive plus"

„This hotel is really old"

“We had a corner riverfront suite, spacious and with large balcony”

“Only disturbing thing during night are the noisy ships on the river”


“The food at this price was very intermittent”

“Often cold and actually at times really poor”

“The Thai food is your best option here”

“They do not allow food from outside which is really disappointing”

“Good food, served on time but the portion is a little small”

“I've ordered additional room service and also relied on snacks”

“Does not allow food delivery but family can send supplies and dry packaged snacks”

“We had a really tough time with the food”

“You get a series of choices for each meal but the quality seems like they are all brought in from offsite and just reheated, it is very similar to airplane food”

“The room service menu is decent”

“There’s just a huge drop-off in quality with the ASQ food”

“The food has been top notch”

“The food is really good“

“The menu rotates every 2 days, except for the breakfast options“

“I don't eat meat so have only been trying the fish/veggie options“

“You're allowed plates/cutlery from day 4 after the negative covid test“

“You can choose time to have your food delivered and its placed on a table outside of your door“

“Good Food“

“Meals are served in plastic containers during first 3 days only, then on normal chinaware & silverware after the first -‘ve Covid test on day 3“

“Meal selection is very good and plentiful“ 

“Menu is switched around every few days so you get a good variety“

“Can also purchase meals from the hotels normal room service menu at regular hotel prices“

“ASQ food is good and there’s the option to order room service from the regular menu“

“Food plenty and large choice“

“Food was really good (sometimes it could have been hotter) “

“For each meal you can "book" the time you wish to eat (delivered in front of your door)“

“First 4 days food came in plastic containers, after that proper cutlery, plates, glasses“ 

“Food was great and a lot with many choices“

“The meals were always lukewarm at best”

“The food choice was garbage. Changed the menu every 2 days as they said but it was a 2 day cycle of the same menu”

"Anantara Riverside Bangkok Food is Frozen and Then Microwaved. This is what i got even though i booked a suite priced at 190,000 baht"

„The kitchen was very accommodating"

„Food was varied"

„Food is NOT normal 5 star, its 2 - 3 star"

“Food choices weekly changing was medium quality, delivered in front of your door”

“Last 3 days eating on the riverside terrace bookable”

“The food is alright. Nothing outstanding”

“They also charged me extra for food that I ordered and supposed to be included in the package”


“Service was good, the staff was well experienced and polite”

“Generally attentive service, they want you to be happy and have a pleasant stay”

“The staff is friendly and helpful”

“Staff are friendly“

“The front desk staff are incredibly incompetent with regards to business“

“Staff of hotel and hospital are very professional and friendly“

“The attitude of the room staff was terrible at best”

„Staff were super friendly"

„Service was great"

„Staff were always friendly and in touch with your needs"

“Very attentive and friendly staff”

“Room service per phone call brings you whatever needed”

“Also the staffs aren’t very well-informed about the services provided in the hotel”

Getting outside the room

“No access to gym or swimming pools”

“After first COVID negative test you can use the designated outdoor relaxation area for an hour per day, where you can order drinks (non-alcoholic)”

“After the first negative COVID test (~day 4) you can go to an open area outside roughly ~1.5 hours a day”

“They have a children's area as well”

“After the second negative COVID test (~day 11) you can use the gym or eat at the restaurant”

“Having an outside area on the river to spend time in once a day does wonders for one’s mental health in all of this”

“You're allowed down to the relaxation area from day 4 for 90 minutes“

“You can order non-alcoholic drinks“

“There are various seats in the sun/shade“

“There's a second relaxation area where you go after your 2nd covid test, and you can access the restaurant for lunch/dinner too”

“After first negative test you are allowed to walk on the riverside terrace (book 1 1/2 hours through an app)“

„There is an arts and craft area outside that young kids can play in for a while, which is a great change"

„There are also a few animals living in the gardens, e.g. squirrels and a big and harmless lizard"

„After the second Covid test between days 11-13 when you are allowed to eat outside in one of their restaurants and order a la carte"

“After first negative result pcr test 1.5 hours outdoor via qr code bookable”

“The balcony space and the relaxation area are great”


“Fast Wi-Fi”

“Internet generally speedy except in late afternoons”

“The wifi is really strong“

“Good WiFi“ 

“Great internet for streaming Apple TV“

“The Wi-fi signal is horrid and it keeps disconnecting”


“For the price you may get better value at other hotels. If you are a foodie definitely find another hotel”

“Overall a very good choice for ASQ”

“This place is higher budget but has a great view, balcony, and attentive service. If you can navigate the food quality challenges, I recommend it”

“Overall, I’ve felt extremely well taken care of”

“I stay at Anantara Riverside and I am very pleased. It's not the dream holiday I was wanting to have but they do a good job“

“What a rip off. Booked 2 bedroom family suite (2 adults, 2 children) for 350,000 baht. Flight got cancelled. Anantara say no refund, but can change dates“

“I stayed there also and I would NEVER cross the threshold of the hotel again”

“So if I was choosing a hotel again it would not be an Anantara”

„We were very happy with the hotel and can recommend it to families. Its rooms/suites are spacious"

„There's much better hotels with 5 star food"

“But all in all i really recommend it as asq hotel”

“The overall experience is not the best”

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