✔️ Graceland Bangkok AQ / Sandbox / Test & Go

Graceland Bangkok by Grace Hotel offers an accommodation for Alternative Quarantine and Test & Go package for travelers arriving in Thailand. Facilities for disabled guests are available at this AQ hotel.

Graceland Bangkok 

Test & Go Package

1-night Package Price

  • Superior Room (30 sq.m) 4,900 THB per person
  • Honeymoon Suite (46 sq.m) 6,500 THB per person
  • Executive Suite (62 sq.m) 7,900 THB per person
  • Extra person 3,000 THB



AQ Quarantine Package

7-day Package Price

  • Superior Room (30 sq.m) 25,900 21,900 THB per person
  • Deluxe Room (30 sq.m) (Halal/Indian menu included) 28,900 23,900 THB per person
  • Honeymoon Suite (46 sq.m) (Halal/Indian menu included) 37,900 31,900 THB per person
  • Junior Suite (60 sq.m) (Halal/Indian menu included) 41,900 36,900 THB per person
  • Executive Suite (62 sq.m) (Halal/Indian menu included) 59,900 53,900 THB per person

Package for couple / 2 people

  • Superior Room (30 sq.m) 41,900 36,900 THB per 2 persons
  • Deluxe Room (30 sq.m) (Halal/Indian menu included) 43,900 38,900 THB per 2 persons
  • Honeymoon Suite (46 sq.m) (Halal/Indian menu included) 48,900 42,900 THB per 2 persons
  • Junior Suite (60 sq.m) (Halal/Indian menu included) 52,900 46,900 THB per 2 persons
  • Executive Suite (62 sq.m) (Halal/Indian menu included) 59,900 53,900 THB per 2 persons

Child Rate

  • Child under 12 extra charge at  15,900 13,900 THB (sharing with adult)



10-day Package Price

  • Superior Room (30 sq.m) 31,900 27,900 THB per person
  • Deluxe Room (30 sq.m) (Halal/Indian menu included) 35,900 30,900 THB per person
  • Honeymoon Suite (46 sq.m) (Halal/Indian menu included) 47,900 39,900 THB per person
  • Junior Suite (60 sq.m) (Halal/Indian menu included) 55,000 51,000 THB per person
  • Executive Suite (62 sq.m) (Halal/Indian menu included) 65,000 60,000 THB per person

Package for couple / 2 people

  • Superior Room (30 sq.m) 51,900 47,900 THB per 2 persons
  • Deluxe Room (30 sq.m) (Halal/Indian menu included) 55,900 50,900 THB per 2 persons
  • Honeymoon Suite (46 sq.m) (Halal/Indian menu included) 60,900 54,900 THB per 2 persons
  • Junior Suite (60 sq.m) (Halal/Indian menu included) 65,000 57,000 THB per 2 persons
  • Executive Suite (62 sq.m) (Halal/Indian menu included) 70,000 60,000 THB per 2 persons

Child Rate

  • Child under 12 extra charge at  18,900 16,900 THB (sharing with adult)

AQ Package Features

  • COVID-19 Real-time RT-PCR technical screening tests
  • 24 hours complimentary nursing service
  • Full board 3 meals a day (of your choices)
  • Free limousine airport transfer
  • Bathroom with bathtub and shower room
  • Hi-speed Internet access
  • Digital TV and working desk
  • Android Smart TV Box (Youtube, Netflix, etc.) by request
  • Microwave
  • Room cleaning service
  • Complimentary drinking water, coffee, and tea during your stay
  • 20% discount for laundry and room service
  • Exercise equipment rental service
  • Food delivery service
  • Relaxing area by the pool
  • Smoking room (available on request)
  • Fitness zone
  • 7-eleven service
  • Alcohol



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Rooms at Graceland Bangkok

Superior Room (30 sq.m) 

Deluxe Room (30 sq.m)

Honeymoon Suite (46 sq.m)

Executive Suite (62 sq.m)

Relaxing Area at Graceland Bangkok



Booking Package

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Hotel Reviews

Graceland Bangkok reviews on Booking.com

AQ / ASQ Package Reviews

What people say about their quarantine with Graceland Bangkok AQ package?


“The room is more spacious than I thought it would (I went for the smallest, cheapest room)”

“The room has everything you need really and looks nice and modern”

“The room is very big with a huge TV, Netflix/prime/YouTube and a nice desk to work at”

“No balcony but can slide to open the windows”

“It's very clean and nice”

“My room is a smoking room”

“I don't have a balcony, but the windows are wide open”

“I can leave the window open day and night”

“They offer special offer for couple and the room is good size”

“Room had no balcony”

“The room is nice, same as the pictures in the websites”

“Majority of the floor is covered by a layer of thick plastic sheet (it feels somewhat strange), but they make it look like wooden floor”

“It has a bathtub”

“There's a huge flat screen TV”

“The air-con is quite strong, I'm glad I chose this hotel & room with window that can be opened wide”

“The bed was ok, there's hard & soft pillows provided”

“I choose connecting room, as i stay with my brother. Approx. 30 meter room adjoins to another 30 meter room, so i have total 60 meter space which i am sharing with my brother”

“Plenty of space for walk, work and gym in room”

“No balcony but wide full beautiful view from window”

“55 inch LED Androids Smart TV in both rooms with microwave and coffee stuffs”

“Loves the bathrooms, they are super clean and match 4 STAR hotel standard, towels and hand towels, soaps, shampoo, conditioner all were supplied”


“Every meal I continue to have is at best room temperature”

“The food is hit and miss for me”

“You are allowed to have food delivered to the hotel and brought to you”

“Often food is cold, when delivered, but we can let it warm up again”

“The food is good but sometimes could get cold very quickly. Highly recommend to get one of those re-heaters”

“As I like Thai food I ordered from choice of two meals mostly the Thai”

“Orders from hotel menu are possible”

“The food was lukewarm”

“I chose mostly Thai food, taste is ok, but it would be better if it was more spicy”

“The food is very delicious”

“The food is good, hot and plenty of it”

“I got menu every 3rd day with plenty of Thai food options, i always get warm food delivered on time with fruits”

“Room service menu is not bad and not expensive too. (No complaints with food so far)”

“They allow me to order from Grabfood too”


“Employees are so kind”

“Staff is friendly and helpful as much as possible”

“The staff is very efficient and friendly and changed the room for us”

“Very good medical care, very good reception care and service”

“The staff and nurses are very friendly”

“Excellent staff, great communications and very professional”

“Staff: Polite and very responsive, i made many unusual request and they are always served it with smile”

Getting outside the room

“After the first COVID test then you can book the roof garden for some outdoor exercise”

“After day 6 first test negative opened the door to the rooftop area around the (by order closed) pool. The handling there was according to rules. Sometimes I had to remind to be picked up at the booked time. As mostly not overfilled one could stay longer in afternoon. Regular walking on a self-designed walking path of 150 m was good relaxation”


“Internet is generally good”

“The internet is good enough for work and entertainment”

“There's a router inside my room, Internet connection has been ok so far”

“Wifi Perfect. We use it all 5 at the same time. When our kids are online with their classmates in DK it also works fine”

“Fast about 55 MBPS (across all my devices), I never got disconnected as i work from my room at night time”


“My fiancée bought some stuffs & also cooked some Asian snack for me, she delivered to me in the late morning. At the check-in station, she informed the staff my room number, then used video chat to confirm between the staff & me. Within 2 minutes, the staff brought the stuffs to my room!”


“The hotel is good value in the grand scheme of things”

“I recommend this hotel”

“Everything is quite okay”

“Overall the experience is good”

“All in all I can recommend Graceland Bangkok”

“For now more than satisfied even if some details like microwave is missing”

“This is a very good ASQ for couples!”

“After completing 8 days here, i can say i am fully satisfied with all amenities and friendly support i got from them, they listen and always ready to serve you best”

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